Rob Brydon talks to Julia about the dark humour in Human Remains
Rob: Would you find it harder to make those jokes about disease now that we're ten or eleven years older than we were [at the time of writing Human Remains]?
Julia: What, and closer to...?
Rob: And closer to all those diseases, and closer to friends of ours... you know, we're in that age now...
Julia: Which diseases?
Rob: Well, we did lots of jokes... we did different types of cancer...
Julia: We did cancer.
Rob: And I would defend that, when people would sometimes question it, by saying, "Oh, we're confronting our fear of it."
Julia: I really believe that's true.
Rob: And I think there's truth in that. I think there's truth in that.
Julia: Absolutely.
Rob: But I do think that I might make different judgements now. Being that much older, I'm more inclined [to think], "I don't want to confront it; I'd rather just pretend it's not there," because I think, oh, I may have to confront it, you know?
Julia: Mmmm.
[after a thoughtful pause]
Julia: I think I still would.
Rob: Oh, really?
Julia: Yeah.
Rob: You brutal woman.
Julia: [giggles]

Here they talk about the shock of winning; what’s next for Hunderby; the struggles of being a working parent (Julia finds it “quite tricky,” LET ME DIE); and Bad Sugar!

"I’m very shocked, because of the people I was up against. They’re all absolutely brilliant shows; it’s not like, Oh, yeah, that show’s a bit shit. They really are.”

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Juliadorable doing yet ANOTHER little radio interview (SUCH a social butterfly!!!) to promote Hunderby, this time on Danny Wallace’s XFM breakfast show thing a couple of weeks ago. No groundbreaking discussion here, but he’s very sweet to her, and she’s her usual lovely giggly coy self, so it’s worth a listen.

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Part two of Julia’s (super great) interview with Richard Bacon. Conversation topics in this bit include how Julia still doesn’t have Sky Atlantic at home; her frustration with unsuccessfully trying to pitch shows to network commissioners over the past seven years; and how she wishes she’d done an audio commentary for the Hunderby DVD (you and me both, babe).

There’s also going to be more Hunderby. YUP.

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Part one (the file is too big so part two will be up tomorrow) of Julia’s adorable interview with Richard Bacon that aired on Thursday 15 November 2012. He asks her a lot of lovely, insightful, refreshing questions, and here they chat about her experience of working with Sky; their mutual love for the HBO series “Girls”; and how Alex MacQueen is a “funny, eccentric man” who “could never remember his lines.”

I really love collaborating with Julia Davis. There are very few people who I click with in the same way, and she was at a time in her life when she wasn’t sure how to find her way through the comedy world… and I was at the same point. So we started to improvise together and gradually we began to build up a little collection of characters who were quite strange but we loved performing. Through Julia I met Baby Cow, because I was a bit without a production company, and Baby Cow have brought me into the fold.
Jessica Hynes


This week Julia was on XFM breakfast for more Hunderby dvd publicity. Danny has tweeted that this coming Monday there should be a podcast up on iTunes. Keep an eye out for it! 


For those not in the UK the Chatty Man episode with Julia has been put up on Youtube. Catch it before it disappears!

Good news if you are in Australia. The episode will air this Thursday (22/11) on ABC2 at 9:30pm.