Godzilla. Didn’t see it the first time around, it’s a good film actually.

“Cat and Mouse”

with Julia Davis, Amelia Bulmore, Simon Pegg, the actor Kevin Eldon, Mark Heap.

from Big Train.

When shake your head at local paper story of a crime git, then look again and see that he is you, this long lens shifty bugger in the park. When every call destroys your life, even though the phone ain’t got a bloody plug. And when waking, wonder where you are, and find that most of you is asking where you’ve gone. Then welcome, ooh arrested for copying dogs, welcome… in Jam.

Dinner party - one of my favourite Big Train sketches.

Jam features Amelia Bullmore, David Cann, Julia Davis, Kevin Eldon and Mark Heap. They were kept for three months in a basement with only milk and weapons. All facial expressions are real. Chris Morris: ‘It’s a fucked-up lullaby - halfway through it you’ll fall asleep with a grin in your stomach and the most disgusting look on your face.’.
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