Julia and Coogs react to Hunderby winning Best New Comedy Programme (Hunderby’s second win of the night) at the British Comedy Awards 2012.

Her comedy has its own unique voice. Sometimes I think it can be a bit alienating; I gave her some notes on the last series of Nighty Night, but she ignored them.
Steve Coogan on Julia Davis
I don’t see Rob [Brydon] a lot because he is always on holiday with Steve Coogan, but we do text quite a bit.
Julia Davis


Duncan Thickett - The Man Who Thinks He’s It (Part 3)

“Don’t mess with the wise man you big-eyed motherfucker!”


The Parole Officer (2001)

Simon Pegg’s face when she looks at him is so funny.

Buy Rob Brydon’s enhanced ebook of “Small Man in a Book” because there’s an interview with Julia included in the extras! You can see a teeny snippet of it here at 0:33. (They cut it off before she starts giggling. Rude.)

Julia had a brief guest appearance on I’m Alan Partridge in 2002. And here it is. IT’S BRILLIANT.